this is DAO².

DAO² is a community-driven media workgroup and sharing space from the DAOSquare community. It offers research, insights, analysis, and news on decentralized investments and blockchain startups.

R-News is an automated media aggregator driven by RSS, focusing on the latest developments in the crypto space. Currently, it provides over 70 sources from various fields (media platform, research org, ventures, and influencers) selected by us, and it is still growing. R-News is a public good to help crypto builders and users to follow the latest informations easier, learning easier, and building happier.

Our key task is to share our research on decentralized investments, blockchain startups, and DAOs. The workgroup is open, and researchers are from DAOSquare community. There is a x-to-earn mechanism to thank all contributors. So, waiting for you if you're interested. Research to grow, research to earn.

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