I’d like to be a middleware of DAOSquare


I’d like to be a middleware of DAOSquare

Since May 2020, I (DaShuo) have been working in DAOSquare and promote DAO in China. Recently, DAOSquare has entered a relatively robust stage, I would like to announce my wish and decision:

I voluntarily waive the DAOSquare core contributor Token allocation and guarantee that I do not have any hidden Token allocation and will not receive any Token rewards allocation from DAOSquare in the future. I will participate in DAOSquare in the future as a community member and will continue to participate in the works of DAOSquare and HunFan Labs.

Anyone who knows me well knows that before I joined DAOSquare I was working on the research and promotion of DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations), so I will continue to do these things even without any incentive.

With regard to the Token allocation previously awarded as a core contributor, I wish to burn them according to the rules of core member token reward release, and as long as I continue to work in the DAOSquare community, my token reward allocation will continue to be burned, maybe we can call it a Proof Of Contribution Burning.

Giving up vested interests is difficult because I firmly believe DAOSquare can be successful. At the same time, with this decision, I’m free and relaxed, and I will able to pursue my research in a more neutral and free. My role as a researcher of DAOSquare is more like a cross between a consultant and a core contributor, while the work of other core contributors is more important and complex, so token excitation is essential.

Only those who are deeply involved in the project can feel the potential antagonism between the community and the "team", which is a challenge for all DAOs and innovators in the Web 3 era. So I hope this experiment will help DAOSquare explore the direction of the community ahead of time, to hand over DAOSquare to the community earlier and healthier.

DAOSquare is doing very well, a lot of well-known institutions investing in us, many projects are into our incubator, and DAOSquare MVP is coming out in May, so I chose this time to announce it as a tribute to DAOSquare and the DAO Spirit.

DaShuo May 3, 2021