Save you 90% on gas:zkSync guide

New standard for crypto payments

Save you 90% on gas:zkSync guide

zkSync is a fully trustless, secure, user-centric protocol for scaling payments and smart contracts on Ethereum, and zkSync calls it the new standard for crypto payments. But I want to put it in the most direct terms:

zkSync is a money transfer tool that can save you 90% on gas 😂

All right, let’s gooooo!

Open zkSync wallet

First, open the zkSync official website:

Click “Open wallet” and you’ll see the wallet connect page, as shown below:

Select the wallet you want to link. For example, click on the MetaMask icon to calling MetaMask:

Select the account you want to link, click "Next", and MetaMask will go to the connect confirmation page:

Click on "Connect" and MetaMask will go to the signature page:

Click "Sign" to go to your Layer2 wallet account page, which defaults to the 'My wallet' page:

This page shows your account’s assets on Layer2. Of course, you can also add Contacts in "Contacts" and view Transactions history in "Transactions":

In the "My Wallet" tab, there are three common functional actions:

  • Deposit
  • Transfer
  • Withdraw


Click "Deposit" in the "My wallet" tab to go to the Deposit page:

  • Select token to deposit
  • Enter the amount deposited

Then click the unlock icon (Unlock XXX token), and MetaMask will be called again:

The first gas comes 😂, click "Confirm", circular motion... when the transaction is complete, you’ll see a change in the unlock key:

Click "Deposit", let's deposit it! MetaMask will be called again:

The second gas also comes, click "Confirm", circular motion... the page shows the completion of the transaction:

After click "OK", the page will jump back to the "My Wallet" page:

Check your account and you will see the deposit successfully!


Click "Transfer" to go to the Transfer page:

Select the token you want to transfer. If you are new here, you need to unlock your token. Click "Unlock" and the MetaMask will be called:

Click "Sign" to complete the signature, unlock successfully, and fill in:

  • Number of transfers
  • The recipient’s wallet address, and if you added he/her to the "Contact" list, the account nickname will be displayed here

Note the gas fee shown below "Transfer"!

Click "Transfer" and the "MetaMask" will be called:

Click "Sign" to complete the transaction:

See this line of eye-catching clues?

On mainnet, this transaction would've been 27x more expensive!



Click "withdraw" on the “My Wallet” tab to go to the withdrawal page:

Fill in:

  • Withdrawal token
  • Number of withdrawals

Choose gas, low gas, transfer speed is slow, high gas, transfer speed is fast, please choose by yourself!

Click the "Withdraw" button and the MetaMask will be called:

Click “Sign” to complete the signature, withdraw successfully, and wait for the money fly to your account, oh no, fly to he/her account!


  • Transfer fees are extremely low
  • Deposits and withdrawals are charged, and a single deposit and withdrawal need to pay $6 to $7
  • Not bad for speed