How to fund a project on Gitcoin using zkSync ?

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How to fund a project on Gitcoin using zkSync ?

If you’re participating in Gitcoin Grants, I’d like to remind you that zkSync can save you 90% on gas fees!


Step 1: Log in

Log in to zkSync official website:

Click "Open wallet", you will see the wallets page as below:

Choose and connect to a wallet. Here let's set MetaMask as an example, Click and connect to MetaMask:

Confirm your account, and click "Next":

Click "Connect", you'll see a signature request:

Click "Sign", then you will enter your Layer2 wallet account page, you will see "My wallet":

You can see clearly your Layer2 assets here. Of course, you can also add new contacts on "Contacts" page, and check your transaction history on "Transactions" page:

You'll see the following three basic features on "My Wallet" page:

  • Deposit
  • Transfer
  • Withdraw

Step 2: Deposit

If you are new to zkSync, you need to deposit the Token (DAI, ETH, and more ERC20) of Layer 1 into Layer 2. Think about how much you plan to fund, and start!

Click "Deposit" in the "My wallet" tab to enter the deposit page:

  • Select token to deposit
  • Enter the amount deposited

Then click "Unlock XXX (Your chosen token) token", and MetaMask will be called again:

The first gas is coming :), click "Confirm", after a while, the transaction is completed, and you will see the unlock key change:

Click "Deposit" to deposit, MetaMask will be called again:

The second gas is coming :), click "Confirm", after a while, the page shows that the transaction is complete:

Click "Ok" and the page will go back to "My wallet":

Check your account, the deposit is successful!

Step 3: Open Gitcoin

For example:

You will see the below information:

Step 4: Add to cart

Choose the project you want to fund and click "Add to Cart" button, and set the token amount (eg: 2 DAI)

Then you will see the page information as below:

Step 5: Checkout

Click "CHECKOUT", you'll enter a detailed grant cart page:

You can leave specific messages to these projects, or choose a quick default reply. Go to the bottom of the page, click "Checkout with zkSync":

IMPORTANT: Before the transfering ended, make sure you do not close this page or zkSync page !

Click "Proceed", a new page pops up, as below:

Choose and connect to your wallet, still let's connect to MetaMask as an example.

Click "Nest"

Click "Connect"

Click "Sign"

Click "Verify & Pay" on the poped up page:

Click "Sign"

You will see the below page after you have successfully funded the grants. Congrat! Then you can tweet about it!


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