DAOSquare Has Completed Angel Round Fundraise


DAOSquare Has Completed Angel Round Fundraise

DAOSquare has completed its Angel Round fundraise, at the valuation of 40 million USD. It welcomes Hashkey Capital on board as the lead investors of this round.

The other participated institutions include Alameda、NGC、CMS Holdings、SRC Capital、Pluto Digital Assets PLC、SECBIT Labs、LD Capital、Spark Digital Capital、LongHash Ventures、ArkStream Capital、DFG、Hash Global、Zonff Partners、Crasolum、Double Peak Group Limited (HK)、HunFan Labs、MetaCartel Ventures China、Kucoin Labs、HOT Labs、Gate Labs.

Born in the well-known West Ethereum community MetaCartel, DAOSquare is dedicated to building a Web3 incubator which aims to be the Y·Combinator in the Web3 era.

DAOSquare will launch the MVP of the incubator with the VentureDAO soon. Moreover, the first phase of the global incubation list is about to be announced.