DAOSquare Crypto Stuff#8

DAOSquare Crypto Stuff#8

Contributors: Sherry, Typto

LOT · 0019-3 E12

🌶 Headlines

DAO Rush Week came to a successful end!

DAO Rush Week, a week-long event organized by the MetaCartel community, came to a successful conclusion. In six days, DAO Rush Week brought us a total of 36 exciting DAO-themed events. If you missed it, click me for a recap of the event. I look forward to the next DAO Rush Week! Finally, remember the advocacy of DAO Rush Week.

A showcase of DAOs that are about people, not just money!

HackMoney came to a successful end

This week, HackMoney, a virtual hackathon hosted by ETHGlobal, came to a successful conclusion. The 30-day event featured more than 100 projects, Sponsors such as Aave, Balancer,  Compound, and Uniswap provided 30,000USD in prizes. The final Top 5 were.

  • Oya.Market
  • Umbra
  • Cover
  • LiquiDeFi
  • My DeFi Pie

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How to fork a society?

June 4, Hammad (MetaFactory) said.

+ Fleet of ARK1s

+ satellite internet connection

+ portable shipping container farm

+ web3 community dashboard

= fork of society

Note: The above information needs to be understood in the context of the magic of LOT!

This addition problem by Hammad immediately reminded me of the street vending economy that has just taken off in this country, so I'll give it to you. A Chinese version of "How to fork a society".

+ Wuling Rongguang L3C Fleet

+ HUAWEI 5G Internet

+ Any street or alley where you can set up a stall

+ Tik Tok live

=  fork of society

Token transfers across time and space

At 3 a.m. Saturday morning, I saw a tweet from Alex.

-Send me *any* ERC-20 to alexmasmej.eth and I’ll send you some $ALEX

*any* ERC-20???I can't believe I can get a deal with this guy 😱 I immediately sent all 23 RICE (DAOSquare's token)I have in my possession to him, and replied.

-Just sent my all 23 RICE (DAOSquare's DAO token) to you, the value of RICE is 1US=1RICE in our DAO

Alex replied to me.

-Lol I’m not doing this anymore but I’ll send some $ALEX for your Typto, thanks!

Just as I was praising Alex for making personal token history, I suddenly realized that this post was originally published on December 12, 2019... so embarrassing😓

Who digged up such an old post? 😂

A Short Story

June 6, Dennison Bertram shared a short story.

A short story.

Dev: "I am a full stack dev and I want to build on blockchain!"

Blockchain: "Great! We've got it all! You just need to learn x, then y, then x with y, and then in 6 years we will have Z!!!"

Dev: Closes browser tab.

Makoto Inoue provided an alternative version in his reply.

A not so short story...

Noob: I want to build a website!

Dev: Okay, you learn git, vim, javascript, css, html, jQuery, react, redux, REST, graphQL, node, npm, gulp, bower, docker, and 6 years later, learn the new stack from scratch!

Noob: Closes browser tab

Dennison Bertram continues Makoto Inoue's story below.

Noob then opens http://Wix.com, or http://Shopify.com, or http://Webflow.com or....

Dennison Bertram then explains the reason for writing this short story.

My point was that it's still really hard, and devs feel overwhelmed and busy. They are interested, but they are also like, "WHAT?"

So, following Dennison Bertram's lead, I wrote the B version of this story.

B version

Dev: I'm a web2 dev and I want to build on blockchain!

Blockchain: Great! You just need to get MetaMask, then Coinbase, buy 0.1 ETH, then learn on http://Ehereum.org, and then in 1 year you'll get everything you want!

Dev: Buy some ETH and closes browser tab, and then in 1 year he gets everything his want!

ALEX Reflections on the Crisis of Confidence

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

June 2, Alex expressed his attitude towards the recent events through a style of line plus question, saying.

Trust in politics is gone

Trust in big tech is gone

Trust in banks is gone

Trust in healthcare institutions is gone

Trust in police is gone

What’s even left to trust??

What else can we trust? I have summarized the responses.

  • Family
  • Each other
  • nature
  • Trust in the stock market.. ahh crap.
  • human adaptability
  • i dont even trust myself...

Of course, someone must have mentioned trusting bitcoin...

Are you really talking about the serious topic by Alex?

There was also one guy who offered some constructive thoughts, saying that we need "trustlessness" in the future, and an irrevocable decentralized system and DAO.

Where is the next 100x investment?

Many people are looking for the next 100x return on investment opportunity, and many think it's a new chain or a new protocol or technology. Many are also falling in line with following new chains, protocols and technologies....

June 5, Anthony Bertolino voiced his opinion, saying.

-The next 100x investment is in the Application Layer of Ethereum, not an Ethereum Killer.

Many have expressed their predictions, so if you're interested, there may be chance in there. Two of the responses in here stood out to me.


-ETH = Index for Ethereum’s application layer.

It felt like there was a lot of information in there....


-Kindly assist me with 0.3 worth ethereum.

He even wrote down his ETH wallet address carefully.


This dude is the one who has really taken advantage of the 100x return on investment opportunity, and he might consume 0.0000003 of electricity writing this reply ETH, but with the potential to bring him a 0.3 ETH return on investment....


The future of DAO

June 3, Jonathan Dunlap |∑| said.

The future of crypto is providing decentralized, transparent, democratic governance to communities everywhere (called DAOs). This is a big statement for Ethereum and a growing realization for the ecosystem. RT @VitalikButerin

Don't say anything, just do it.

Quadratic Co-ops

June 5, ΞWoki, GITer of Coins presented an idea.

Quadratic Co-ops; a DAO treasury mgmt utility that uses QF to allocate funds to DAO initiatives.

Each member gets an allowance + can spend a certain amount, or donate it to another member,which would get a quadratic match from central pool, rewarding self organization+ teamwork

That's a great idea, DAO needs a more equitable reward for member contributions (especially from the 0 to 1 stage). This allows for a more optimal distribution of equity than traditional startup teams. On a more macro level, it could be a reward model for the entire DAO ecosystem (similar to Gitcoin's Grants), the Ecological Fund rewards all the people and teams who contribute to the DAO ecosystem.

Quadratic Voting

We don't just need a quadratic co-op, we need a quadratic vote.🤓 June 4, santi.eth (DemocracyEarth) revealed.

already 3 developers working on @DemocracyEarth's first bounty — help us build a QV @MolochDAO

I haven't been able to research the specific requirements and implementation methods yet, but those interested can click on the following link for details.

Polish, Test and Deploy a Quadratic Voting DAO | DemocracyEarth Funded Issue Detail | Gitcoin
### Challenge Description DemocracyDAO is a fork of the [original MolochDAO v1 contract](https://github.com/MolochVentures/moloch) with two key modifications: - Proposals instead of consisting of simple Yes/No vote, **now can include a list of candidat..

NFT Books

This week, Mintbase's Guerrilla Music Collectibles store shelved a book called The True Cost of Coal, casting a total of seven copies at 1 ETH each.

Mintbase is a collection of NFT casting, trading, and management platforms with different new ways to play on other platforms like SuperRare. Want to know what all those ways to play? Visit their website!



A bold bet on ETH

About DAOSquare

DAOSquare is a community, our goal is help more people to join crypto space, and creat value. DAOSquare is a For-profit DAO, our goal is realized DAOs's commercialize. DAOSquare is a incubator, our goal is help more people use DAO/community-driven organization to launch their personal brands, businesses, and any valuable things in crypto space, and support their growth.