DAOSquare Crypto Stuff #13

MetaCartel Ventures China is launched!

DAOSquare Crypto Stuff #13

Contributors: Sherry, DaShuo, Typto

🌶 Headlines

MetaCartel Ventures China is launched!

On July 8, MetaCartel Ventures China officially announces its founding to the world! MetaCartel Ventures China is a fork of MetaCartel Ventures, which works to bring together MetaCartel Ventures and the the spirit and philosophy of MetaCartel to the East, thus creating more value for the world.

ameen, summoner of MolochDAO and core builder of MetaCartel Ventures, comments.

This is epic, great work!

Currently, MetaCartel Ventures China has brought together, in two week's time, 15 the best of the best members and more are on the way. If you have a cool idea, get to MetaCartel Ventures China! URL:


🌶 Ethereans

Best Crypto Writers List

On July 11, Ryan Sean Adams raised a question.

Your favorite writers in crypto?


I suggest you check out the responses in the original article, you'll get a lot of awesome writers, to name two guys I know well.

For the full response:

Mint Your Tweets

On July 10, darren.eth came up with a cool idea to cast your tweets as NFT, and he introduced.

I've started building this as a side project. I'm currently designing the UI/UX and will hire fellow builders from @RaidGuild to add the web3 functionality.

If you're into NFTs and wanna talk about this, DM me!

Mint your tweets as NFT, it sounds super cool! Let's take a first look at a prototype diagram of such a thing.

Crypto Narratives

On July 10, evan.ethereum.eth presented us with a cryptographic chronology he had compiled.

2014 - year of $eth sale

2015 - Year of Eth launch

2016 - Year of theDao

2017 - Year of the ICO

2018 - Year of the stable coin

2019 - Year of the bank coin

2020 - Year of DeFi

In conclusion, evan concludes.

Trends come and go, Ethereum doesn't.

Not to mention the rest, what the hell is this bank coin? I'm not the only one who is curious, many people are confused by this and evan doesn't have an answer...  Imagine for yourselves, there are 1,000 bank coins for every 1,000 members of Ethereum!


Wanted order of DAO Gangsters

On July 8, MetaGame's peth started a very interesting topic.

Who are the must-follows in the DAO space?

Aragon's Aaron FostΞr begins with a list:

Immediately following, Colony's @auryn_macmillan also submitted his incomplete list.

And so began one of the most heated discussions in the DAO world! This tweet is a must-read if you're a DAO hobbyist, and of course, the list of people to keep an eye on. Quickly click on the link below!

Yalor's RaidGuild Story

On July 12, Yalor posted a story about himself and RaidGuild, super cool guy!  + super cool DAO = what? What are you waiting for! Hurry up and watch!

RaidGuild Reflections ⚔️
It’s been 6 months since I first heard the word “RaidGuild” uttered by some über cool cartel folks congregating around the 5th floor bean bag lounge of the ETHdenver sports castle 🏰 Since then I…

How do you create a crypto hipster?

On July 11, Wicked Sunday Club released a recap of its brand launch, in which it explains how to build cryptic hipster culture through the TwistedVacancy + MetaFactory model, read more.

Wicked Sunday Club: MetaFactory x TwistedVacancy Culture Collaboration
For those who missed it, MetaFactory has teamed up with the Indonesian sensation Twisted Vacancy to launch a new product line with collaboration at heart. Harnessing the power of a Dissociative…

🌶 meme

Do you remember this famous meme?

It's had an exciting fork recently! A guy named Urgyen presented the great work of his uncle, a traditional Tibetan artist who created a Tibetan thangka version based on this meme.

Wonderful! But this was just the beginning, as enthusiasts immediately began to contribute their own personal goods, and the collision of history and culture began in earnest.

And, of course, game of power version.