DAOSquare Crypto Stuff #12

MetaCartel Ventures Announced 2nd Investment

DAOSquare Crypto Stuff #12

Contributors: Sherry, DaShuo, Typto

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MetaCartel Ventures Announced 2nd Investment

On July 4, MetaCartel Ventures announced details of its second investment proposal. MetaCartel Ventures introduces.

We are proud to announce our 2nd investment as a DAO, into Zapper Finance (@zapper_fi), an interface that makes DeFi easy and simple to use

:: [ Originally a MetaCartel grantee, we are proud to back them on their next leg of the journey ] ::



Capitalization DAO Ranking

On July 3, a statistic was released summarizing the capitalization of Moloch and DAOStack-based DAOs, the top five of which are.

1) dxDAO: $1.14M

2) The LAO: $882K

3) Moloch DAO: $788K

4) MetaCartel Ventures: $785K

5) MetaCartel DAO: $171K

Full analysis:

Crypto News, Pricing, and Research
An open-source data library helping researchers, investors, and regulators make sense of the industry.

DaShuo, a contributor to this article, stated.

Since DAO didn’t issue coins, the funding was all community injections, but dxDAO issued coins, this comparison doesn’t seem appropriate!

CurveDAO Released Blueprints

On July 1, DeFi Rate published an article providing an update on CurveDAO’s progress, with DeFi Rate introducing.

Earlier today @CurveFinance released the blueprints for CRV governance tokens and the CurveDAO powered by @AragonProject

The current model proposes time-weighted voting + CRV buy-backs and burns

More Details:

Curve Releases Blueprint for CurveDAO and CRV Governance Token

Kyber Will Launch Its New DAO

On June 30, Brave New Coin reported on Kyber’s latest development.

The @KyberNetwork will launch its new DAO on July 7th. The KyberDAO is part of a major protocol upgrade called Katalyst. The upgrade will allow KNC holders to receive part of the network fees by staking KNC and participating in the KyberDAO.

For details: https://bravenewcoin.com/insights/kyberdao-set-to-launch-on-july-7th


What is the best crypto startups incubator?

On July 2, Alex Svanevik asked.

What are some good incubators for crypto startups?

Peter Pan told him.

@Meta_Cartel for the grassroots

No explanation needed, just look at the list of projects incubated by MetaCartel. Amazing!

Determining shit-project from emoji

On July 3, eric imparted an updated method for identifying junk items.

The speed to twitter hashtag emoji is basically a measurement of how much said community relies on swindling normies to be successful.

I expect Ethereum to be last.

What is the tag emoji? It is a Twitter feature that simply means that anyone can pay Twitter to submit emoji. It’s all about power… What power? Great conversation starts.

DeFi Dude:

Which project bought the latest twitter emoji?



DeFi Dude:


To be fair I should’ve expected that…

David Mihal

Tron accomplishments:

* Dinner with Warren Buffet

* Tron 4.0

* Tron 4.0

* #tron

* #tron

Ethereum accomplishments:

  • Literally nothing


You forgot to mention that tron shitcoin jumped to 4.0 when no one actually knows (or cares) what was 3.0 or 2.0 ….

David Mihal

Sounds like you’re jealous that Tron is on 4.0 when ETH hasn’t even reached 2.0. That means Tron is 4x ahead of ETH

The epidemic has created VR haircuts

On June 30, Daniel Beauchamp showed off what he’s been learning about haircuts via VR for a few weeks, saying.

After weeks of virtual training, I’m finally ready to cut my wife’s lockdown hair.

See Daniel Beauchamp’s training results at.

I’m deeply concerned for your wife…


Every time you sell

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