DAOSquare Crypto Stuff #10

All the DAOs, unite!

DAOSquare Crypto Stuff #10

Contributors: Sherry, Typto

🌶 Headlines

HackFs Hackathon is coming!

HackFS is a virtual hackathon aim to build web3 infrastructure, launched by ETHGlobal. ETHGlobal and Protocol Labs (organizations developed Filecoin and IPFS) have come together to kick off this Hackathon, and this hackathon will revolve around the dapps, web3, distributed storage, and any content that is part of the Web3 infrastructure.

As the Chinese tweet from ETHGlobal put it.

Friends from all over the world are working together to build a decentralized network, so join us!

Click me now to sign up for the $50,000 grand prize awaiting you!

🌶 Ethereans

DEFI’s Origin Story

On June 17, pet3rpan sent out a questionnaire.

Who was building in DeFi back during 2016/2017?

-> ETHLend I know is one project, Maker, what else?

I’ve read numerous responses, and the past two years have indeed given birth to a number of DEFI projects, including the lastest Compound, which you can click on the title for details!

Also, thanks to Ameen for contributing the headline to this intel in his retweet!

What is the regular person’s need for a blockchain?

On June 17, DennisonBertram posed the question.

Do regular people want to do anything but personal tokens and NFT’s on blockchain anyway?

George replied.

I am pretty sure that regular people do not want to do either of these

I agree with half of George’s view, and the personal pass doesn’t mean anything to the regular person at the moment, but NFT can indeed be a “game” for the public. Returning to the question posed by George, I added an answer to the question, “DAO”. The regular person may not know what a DAO is, but the idea conveyed by a DAO is something to which everyone aspires.

Is the individual token or the community token king?

Another topic on personal tokens. On June 17, Mark Beylin launched a questionnaire.

Are personal tokens going to be more popular than community tokens?

Without hesitation, I chose “no” with the following vote.

No accounted for 82.3 percent.

My point is that the cost of value exchange and social consensus for individual tokens is much higher than for community tokens, which inherently exist on the basis of the consensus, the exchange of values between communities is also based only on the value metric of the other community, so that over time, the community tokens will be more popular than individual tokens. But in terms of progressive thinking, perhaps the community tokens will be the bridge to the real rise of the individual tokens.

Gentle Advice

June 17, Anthony Sassano reminded.

Broke: “Ethereum Killer” tokens

Woke: DeFi tokens

Bespoke: ETH

Someone immediately said they had already hoarded 420 ETH… And KMICHAEL.eth replied to Anthony Sassano in the same style of writing.

Everyone : Fomoing into DeFi tokens

Me : Still fomoing into $ETH

Everyone in the Future : Instead of stock picking throughout all the various DeFi protocols, I could have just held $ETH

As a financial green hand, I strongly agree….

Someone responded with a pic.

haibo_fighting states the question I’ve been meaning to ask.

what real problems faced today does defi reoslve?


All the DAOs, unite!

17 June, pet3rpan appealed.

I want @AragonProject@daostack@Meta_Cartel to create a united ecosystem DAO that aimed to push forward DAOs within the Ethereum ecosystem. Funding education, UX, community and shared public goods.

pet3rpan added.

We have been working in isolation for too long.

We are strong together, working alongside each other.

Let’s band together and do this shit

This will definitely be a great feat for the DAO world, and once again the cry is: just do it!

The first DAO investment in history

The first DAO investment in history was last month when @VENTURE_DAO invested $50K into RAI.

50,000 is a small amount, but it’s significant in that we’ve taken a critical step toward commercializing DAO, and it allows for more people to see the viability of profit DAOs. Already, DAOs are opening up commercial practices in many areas, not just in the investment space, and we will soon receive these DAO’s Shortcuts.

Moloch 2.0 is approaching!

On June 17, James Duncan said.

Moloch 2.0 is approaching… the aim is to construct highly efficient engines for resource generation and allocation to serve an end.

Moloch 2.0? wasn’t it released back on February 14? Since the last message from Alex kinda embarrassed me, my first reaction to this message was to double check. Check out the timing of this message…

No Problem

James Duncan added a quote from pet3rpan.

The beginning of these new entities (communities) should aim to serve an extremely specific purpose. Most products only need one feature to create value (cc @pet3rpan_)

It turns out that what James Duncan calls Moloch 2.0 is not Moloch 2.0 smart contracts, but rather a new era built on the Moloch model. For an analysis of this research, see James Duncan’s previous article on the subject.


Felipe Duarte’s Podcast

On June 17, the Voyager Podcast released its first episode with guest Felipe Duarte, an artist and activist from @daostack, @FestDAO & @AgencyDAO.

Listen to the podcast by clicking on the following link.

Agency, DAOstack & Web3 adventures from Rio to Berlin
“In case you’re a creator who wants to change the world in some way, there’s only one imperative: show your love now.”

If you’re looking for some great recipes to help optimize your productivity or personal growth management, I suggest you check out another episode of Felipe Duarte’s show, which is the first episode of Observation is Out:

Episode 1 — Observation
Today we are gonna reflect on Observation. Observation is all about how to kick ass a little bit, everyday. So here’s the problem: Throughout our lives come across magical situations and magical…

However, Felipe Duarte has a sweet tip.

but shhh don’t go telling everyone, we wanna have all of them there before making a splash.

“All Time” sales of NFTs are about to hit $100 million

On June 17, Kinchasa.eth told us the news.

Anyone else stoked about this epic milestone coming in the NFT space?

According to the “All Time” sales of NFTs on @nonfungibles we’re about to hit $100 million!

I’d give it a couple months but wow! This is not just a blip — we are witnessing a new market being born.

I have no doubt about the foresight of the new market, but we still face a lot of challenges, products, markets, infrastructure, etc., which we have to overcome step by step.

Genesis City Art Week

On June 20, Decentraland announced Genesis City Art Week.

Genesis City Art Week: Ten days of the very best that digital art has to offer kicks off today!

Incredible events and exhibitions from the world’s best platforms and artists.

Go check if you’re interested!

Welcome to Decentraland
Create, explore and trade in the first-ever virtual world owned by its users.

🌶 meme

Vitalik explains #Ethereum 2.0!


This is a video made by ΔLΞXΔNDΞR , but he only displayed a small piece of the full 7 minute video for free, if you want to watch the full video, ΔLΞXΔNDΞR said go ahead and buy his NFT!

Just Keep Chugging
Purchasing this NFT will unlock the full music video: A non-stop 7 minute techno journey with Vitalik travelling through space and time. Own a piece of Ethereum history! Teaser Trailer: https://youtu.be/yvr0xYeV94M

Priced at 1 ETH, this is a great way to bundle sales! But the sales performance seems to be poor, and so far, no one is buying….


COMP has been in full swing lately….