DAOrecords - Reinventing the Record Label

DAOrecords is an organization I discovered a few months ago, a group of musicians who are trying to help more musicians become free and make art free through DAO.

DAOrecords - Reinventing the Record Label

All great innovation and social progress are born of madness. - DAOmadness

This is a interview focused on DAO, pet3rpan named DAOmadness for it, DAO is really a super madness, however, all the great innovation and social progress are born from madness, to all mad guys!

As a former musician, when I first got involved with the encrypted space in early 2019, I've been thinking about the question of how to use encryption to optimize or reshape the music industry. By no means do we need a simple music uplink or crypto payment subscription, we need to make it possible for all participants to be more free, art should have been free.

DAOrecords is an organization I discovered a few months ago, a group of musicians who are trying to help more musicians become free and make art free through DAO.

I'm excited to see what DAOrecords has been up to these past few months with new releases and new developments, including the release of new music, NFT, and their newly formed DAO on the POA Network.

In this episode, we've invited Vandal, the founder of DAOrecords, to tell you about DAOrecords!

Reinventing the Record Label

Typto: Before launching DAOrecords, what were you doing?

Vandal: DAOrecords is actually an extension of what I’ve been working on over the last 3 years. I’ve been a Hip Hop artist, community builder, event organizer and emcee for most of my life now and have always released my music independently and have operated my own record label prior to this.

Typto: Why do you want to launch DAOrecords?

Vandal: I was inspired by the Crypto Arts movement and since Cryptokitties brought NFTs to the masses I’ve been thinking of ways to merge these exciting innovations into something musicians can take advantage of. It’s for this reason we launched DAOrecords in January 2020.

Typto: What is the value and significance of DAO to the music industry?

Vandal: First and foremost, it is our aim to empower artists and creatives. By operating in a fair and transparent way, we hope to achieve our goals, develop the DAO, promote amazing music and reinvent the record label, thus democratizing the music industry in the process.

Typto: How many members does DAOrecord have now? What are their roles? How do you cooperate?

Vandal: As we've just re-launched the DAO officially, we have a core group of 6 people including myself. Our members are DJ's, Producers, Rappers, Record Label owners and music/tech enthusiasts. We're almost done setting up our collaborative workspace, but you can contact me to learn more!

Typto: Talk about your progress now!

Vandal: In all honestly, progress has been slower than I’d anticipated. We’ve released 6 songs since we launched - most recently my new single OK Boomer, proposed a grant on Gitcoin and just wrapped our weekly Art & Music show called The Popup where we minted the first even on-chain Audio NFT. As a DAO we are still trying to find ways to help on board members into the ecosystem and continue to tweak and experiment how we’re going to operate. It's an exciting process!

Typto: Talk about your favorite works and musicians!

Vandal: This is a massive questions with an answer that could be quite long! I’ll keep it short though, and say that I’m a fan of all types of music and art and that if you have a look at the line up for The Popup Season One you can see some of that reflected. The crypto art scene has amazed me with the quality of works and I’m always finding new and exciting musicians daily!

Typto: Who will DAOrecords help? How to do it?

Vandal: We hope that DAOrecords will help the artists who get involved, participate in our projects (The Popup Season Two is accepting applications now!) and connect people in the spirit of collaboration. It’s been our mission to on-board more musicians into the crypto space and to start a movement that can make a positive impact on the world around us. Yes we have big goals and ambitions, but how we do it, how we get there, is step by step.

Typto: We know that NFT is a great way for art to enter the crypto space. Painting art is very suitable for NFT, so what about music? Is there a way to combine?

Vandal: When we started testing, we were only able to use MP4 files, like in our collaboration with Vans Design, but most recently we made history with Mintbase with the release of the first ever on-chain Audio NFT! There is still a lot of fine tuning left to be done, but we hope this will bring the musicians into the fold and encourage more participation in the DAO!

Typto: Do you use any DAO tools? If so, talk about your feelings of using them! If not, please talk about why!

Vandal: We summoned our DAO using DAOstack’s Alchemy. It’s still a challenge, as I personally am not a technical person, but I’ve been getting the feel of it so that I can help others who want to join or become a part of our movement. I still think there needs to be a lot more improvements to the UI/UX to make it easier for people to get involved, but it’s getting there!

Typto: Have you experienced any difficulties? How is it handled? If the difficulties still exist, what kind of help do you hope to get?

Vandal: I think the biggest difficulty for me personally is adjusting to the more technical aspects of the space. I’ve got so many ideas of what I want to build and create, but still don’t have the skill set. And the recent pandemic that has swept the world has also impacted things for me personally, but we push forward and continue to strive to make the best of our situations!

Typto: What is your future plan?

Vandal: I’m keeping the future in close reach, continuing to plan and coordinate The Popup Season Two as a means to reach new audiences, artists and promote collaboration. We would love to see the DAO more active, but we also need resources to make it possible. It will all come in due time as we release more music, create more awareness and build our community!

Typto: Will DAOrecords' model replace the traditional music industry?

Vandal: We hope to provide an alternative and also to inspire others to do what we’re doing. By looking at decentralization as a pillar to empower artists maybe we can become the model to emulate. I’m not sure we’re close to replacing the traditional industry anytime soon, but I think we’re on the right path. Thanks DAOsquare for this opportunity to share what we’re working on and we hope to make a positive impact on people’s lives in the process!

I think as with all future conversations, this interview is just the beginning and we'll continue to talk about more in-depth and specific topics, so if you have any questions or issues you'd like to learn more about, please leave a comment and we'll schedule them for the next interview, thanks!

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Reinventing the Record Label
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